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Denis specializes in stock, portrait and still life photography.  His stock photography consist of nature and wildlife images.  His photographs have been published world wide and he has taught numerous workshops and seminars.  Denis also specializes in Multi-Media Productions, DSO Studios.  His productions have been shown in some of the largest auditoriums on the west coast.  A past member of the Association for Multi-Image International (AMI), he has produced and staged shows for many AMI functions, outside producers and National Geographic.  Denis has been traveling taking photographs and showing his Multi-Media programs since 1985.


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Statement and Quotes

Photography is an incredible art form!  Let us who enjoy this form of art be reminded by these words of Freeman Patterson from his book, Photography for the joy of it!   "Photography is a chance to recapture the profound sense of excitement, the magic of living, which we felt so strongly as children.  Photography is a way to yell, "WHOOPEE!" and really mean it.  It offers us opportunities to be creative in ways we like, and a chance to let go."

How about these words of the French Philosopher, Albert Camos.
"It was only when the house was covered with snow that I realized the shutters were blue."

And finally I leave you with one final thought of one of my favorite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Never lose an opportunity to see anything that is beautiful, For beauty is God's handwriting.....  Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky and in every fair flower..." 

Denis S. Olson

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